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Adopt A Sheep
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Adopt A Sheep
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1Why are they called SwapLambs?
Farmer Bob coined the phrase because the lambs can be swapped between members through the web site.

2How do I get a SwapLamb?
SwapLambs are provided free for every member of AdoptaFarm when they adopt a lamb. Feeding and exercising your SwapLamb will earn you another free adopted lamb and also another free SwapLamb.

3Why do some of the SwapLambs look the same?
There are 35 different SwapLambs at the moment. More will be added soon. The difference in the SwapLambs is measured by the appropriateness of the name, how cute they look, how tough they look or anything else that you would like to measure them on.

4How do I adopt a sheep?
Click here and you will go to the adopt a lamb page. Select your lamb there or purchase the Adopt A Lamb Kit. Fill in some details and off you go.

5I have a picture of a sheep which I think would make a good SwapLamb, can I send it to you?
Yes that would be great. Send your photos to

6How does SwapLambWar work?
Every time a new member joins they get an adopted lamb and a SwapLamb which they can feed and exercise. The SwapLamb is automatically added in to SwapLambWar. A selection of two of the entire collection of SwapLambs is made for every "battle". Every battle is registered in the AdoptaFarm database, then another two entirely random Swaplambs are chosen again. Every SwapLamb will eventually play every other SwapLamb through time. The results are shown on the SwapLamb League page.

7Were any sheep hurt in making this web site?
Farmer Bob loves his sheep and ensures that the best care is taken when he uses them for the site. So no sheep were hurt in making this web site.

8How can I make sure my SwapLamb wins a lot of battles?
Email your friends and let them know the name of the SwapLamb and tell them to play SwapLambWars.

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