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shepherds rewards shepherds day Join AdoptaFarm by adopting a lamb and automatically become an AdoptaFarm Shepherd, earn super membership rewards.

As well as having all of the benefits of being a member of AdoptaFarm, AdoptaFarm Shepherds can earn 2 UK Pounds (3 US Dollars) for every member they encourage to join AdoptaFarm.

How is it done - simple, when you encourage another person to join AdoptaFarm by adopting a lamb they enter your Membership Number into the appropriate box on the form within the joining process, that member is then credited to your shepherds account when the joining process is completed. When you reach five new members joined you can claim your credit through the site. A cheque or money order will be sent directly to your address via surface mail within five working days (allow 28 days for delivery).

There is no set limit to the number of new members who can join using your AdoptaFarm Shepherds Number, all will be credited to your account, which you can check at any time by going to the Members Page, and you can claim your credit in multiples of five or allow your credit to build up and claim in multiples of five credits at a later date.

The whole process will be simple, swift and straightforward. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to earn back your own membership fee and more.
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